How to configure AI Presets

How to configure AI Presets

Your profile comes with ready-made AI presets to choose from
Last Updated May 26, 2022
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AI runs on intents, which are presets that detect specific behavior or intention made by customers.

To make an “intent” work, you have to train it with 25+ samples so that it can detect the pattern in your customers’ communication.

Each business has its own playbook of communications.

Some businesses have to answer questions related to delivery, and other companies have to answer questions related to subscriptions.

Instead of creating your intents from scratch, you can use pre-made & well-trained intents.

How to choose your AI Presets

  1. Click the Get Started button in your top menu to access your onboarding dashboard.
  2. Open the Setup AI Assistant section.
  3. Click Enable Preset Topics to view the AI presets list that is available for your industry.
  4. Select your desired group of AI intents and enable them.
  5. You will find that your Intent Manager is now filled with trained AI intents.

Feel free to add & edit more samples for a better brand match & customer communication.

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