Entities Overview

Entities Overview

Understand how entities work to enhance your AI
Last Updated February 14, 2023
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Entities are sets of data with similar characteristics used by the bot to provide personalized and accurate responses. These are usually things like date, time, cities, names, brands, etc. They are used to add values to the search intent.

Entities can be one of two types:

1- Category: An Entity named ‘category’ must contain values of category names defined in your Content Center. For example, if you are a fashion store, and you have categories in the CMS named ‘T-Shirts’, ‘Jackets’ and ‘Shoes’, then you should create an entity with the title ‘category’ and add the values ‘T-Shirts’, ‘Jackets’ and ‘Shoes’ typed exactly the same as found in the CMS. This entity can be used to direct users to the correct category when they type their inquiries. For more information check the entity annotation article.

ℹ️ To get the category entity working, please contact us at support@tactful.ai

2- Request: This type of entities groups some values together, in order to enable AI detect them inside a request flow (Check How to create an item request flow). For example, in Telecommunications industry, let’s assume you already have a service Item called ‘Transfer’ that contains some Options (questions) to ask the user when he tries to make a transfer. These questions are:

1- From which number?
2- To which number?
3- What’s the type of transfer units?
4- What’s the amount to be transferred?

Entities help AI detect all the answers at once when a user types: “I want to ransfer 50 GB from xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx” without having to ask each question again in the flow.

How to access Entities

To access entities:

  • Select your workspace if you have more than one.
  • Click on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Click on Entities.

Creating a new entity

To create a new entity:

  1. Click the +New Entity button. A pop-up window will appear.
  2. Type the Entity Title, according to the recommendations stated above.
  3. Select Entity Type. There are three types of entities: Context, Keyword, Context/Keyword. Context is used when you want the bot to understand the sentence as a whole. Keyword is used when you intend to train the bot by word. Context/Keyword is used if you plan to use a combination of both.
  4. Select Entity Language.
  5. Click on +Add Value, then type the Entitiy value.
  6. Click the Save Changes button.

ℹ️ The entities’ names should be in the English language for the model to train successfully.

Exporting Entities

To export (download) entities:

  • Click the Export button, then type the name of the Intents CSV file inside the File name field.
  • Click the Save button.

Note: If you don’t want to download the Intents CSV file, click the Cancel button.

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