How to activate AI Bot

How to activate AI Bot

Learn how to end conversation & activate AI Bot
Last Updated October 13, 2022
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If your agent is done with a customer’s issue and wants the AI bot to continue the conversation, you can activate the AI bot back with a simple click.

This article shows you how to activate the AI bot, so let’s get started.

Going to Agent Desktop

To go to the Agent Desktop:

  • Select your workspace. It’ll direct you to the Dashboard.
  • Click on Agent desktop.

Activating AI Bot

To activate the AI bot:

  • Click the ACTIVATE AI button.
  • A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm handover to the AI bot.
  • Check Survey if you want to send Survey to customers.
  • Click the Confirm button.

ℹ️ Customer will receive a sound notification with every new message even if he is browsing another tab or minimizing the conversation from web chat.

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