How to manage calls in Agent Desktop

How to manage calls in Agent Desktop

Last Updated January 3, 2023
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In this article we’ll introduce how agents can make/receive calls through Agent Desktop.

ℹ️ Voice feature is only available for Enterprise plans.

Initiating calls

Agents can initiate calls:

  1. From dialer
  2. From customer info
  3. From saved contacts

Receiving calls

Agents can accept incoming calls by pressing Accept Call button.

Call controls

During calls, agents can do the following:

  • Hold the call.
  • Add Note.
  • Transfer the call.
  • Divert the call.
  • Add a call reason.
  • End the call.

Ending the call

After the call has ended, other call controls appear such as:

  • Extend clerical time
  • Exit clerical time
  • Add Call reason
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