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Engagement Monitor Overview

The engagement monitor enables you to see & filter all customers’ conversations for only 24 hours

Using attachments in Agent Desktop

While agents are handling customers’ conversations, they can receive attachments that support the customer case. These files are saved for future reference in the Attachments tab of the conversation. In […]

Agent Desktop Overview

Summary Tactful AI Agent Desktop allows users to communicate smoothly through their connected channels, all with the ability to browse and/or add user info, previous transactions, and tickets. Agent Desktop […]

How to manage calls in Agent Desktop

In this article we’ll introduce how agents can make/receive calls through Agent Desktop. ℹ️ Voice feature is only available for Enterprise plans. Initiating calls Agents can initiate calls: From dialer […]

Agent reports

Agent reports can be used to monitor agents activity, performance, compliance with service level agreements, and so on. This group of reports analyzes customer conversations to give insights on the […]