Customer Communication PI-06 Updates aim to facilitate both agents’ & supervisors’ productivity & experience. The release includes:

Automating Answering End-Customer’s FAQ

Businesses have lists of FAQs that they encounter the most during their interactions with their end-customers, the business can utilize Tactful to configure answers for these FAQs and link them to an AI model that they can train to recognize their end-customer’s intents, when the AI detects an FAQ-linked intent, the bot responds by the appropriate text answer.

In 3 languages: –

Supporting 3 channels: –

Automating Finding Products and Items

The business can automate the process of helping their end-customers finding the best products that fulfill their needs either through interacting with the bot in natural language or through a menu that guides the end-customers through the available different categories and items in the product catalog until finding the best available products.

In 3 languages: –

Supporting 3 channels: –

Automating Tickets Collection from End-Customers

The business can utilize our simple automated ticket collection solution to streamline collecting complaints and requests from their customers who are interacting with the bot either through detecting the intent from their natural text input or through selecting a “Ticketing“ option from the menu.

In 3 languages: –

Supporting 3 channels: –

Handover to a Human Agent

The business can utilize the handover skill in designing the chatbot flows to enable connecting their end-customers with human agents to fulfill their more complex inquiries and problems.

Greeting Skill

The business can utilize the greeting skill to salute their end-customers through the bot at the beginning of the conversation with a high level of customization to personalize the conversation more accordingly.

Training and Configuring the Conversational AI Model

The business can utilize the conversational AI model to understand the intents of the end-customer automatically through proper training and configuration of different types of model intents.

This can be used alongside the automation capabilities to automate entire flows and scenarios of their conversations with end-customers.UC-SS-006 Training and Configuring the Conversational AI Model

General Fallback

The business can utilize the general fallback skill in designing the chatbot flows to enable the customer to enter more valid inputs so that they could be served properly through the bot.

Support Multi Email Experience for Agents within Unified Inbox

Focus Filters for Agents

For busy work environments, agents can focus on incoming conversations from specific channel type like Facebook Messenger, Website Live Chat, etc. by filtering conversations according to the connected channel types in Unified Inbox.

It works when your team got massive number of conversations & decide to allow agents to prioritize focus according to different channels by turning ON free-for-all mode within the Queue Management dashboard.

General Improvements For Agent Experience

Realtime Queue Reporting for Supervisors

Queue Advanced Configurations for Supervisors

General Fixes

Channels Improvements