This release includes:

New Business Info Page

Webchat Login

When the user clicks on the widget, Tactful now captures the following user information: (Name, Email, Phone number, Organization, Department, Country and City). This captured data is now stored to be accessible for future interactions.

A log-out event is emitted when the user logs out.

During the second login, the system recognizes and captures the user’s data automatically.

For anonymous users, if the capture lead form is enabled, it will appear for data collection.

Webchat Phone Number Validation

In this update, phone number validation is added for user input during lead capture. The validation is based on the country code provided, ensuring that phone numbers are correctly formatted according to the specified country. This enhancement helps improve data accuracy and usability in lead capture.

Facebook Connect and Disconnect Experience

Agents using Tactful can now disconnect Facebook channels seamlessly for better channel management. A user-friendly “Disconnect Channel” button is prominently located in the channel connectivity page within the admin interface. Upon selecting the button, a confirmation prompt ensures action verification, with the option to cancel the disconnection if needed. Successful disconnection immediately updates the channel status to “Disconnected” or a similar indicator, improving the efficiency of channel management for agents.

Separate Facebook Comments Channel

Admins can now connect Facebook comments channels separately, streamlining the setup process, separating comments settings from Messenger channels, and ensuring comments are managed distinctly within the Unified Inbox for improved organization.

General Enhancements and Fixes

AI Examples Suggestion

You can use the new Example Suggestion section on the examples page, and utilize Open AI to feed you with multiple variations and samples to choose from, saving a lot of time and effort!

New Multi-lingual Intent Page

Now to create or edit an intent you can do so from a dedicated page instead of it being a pop-up. You can access the intents page directly from the side navigation menu under Bot Manager.

Both intents and examples pages are now multilingual.

Enabling AI Preset Topics

Now it is available for you to enable preset topics, access archive as well as import and export.

General AI Enhancements