This release includes:

Webchat widget enhancements

Implementing webchat login scenarios

Customizing item/category per channel

Users are able to assign items and categories to specific channel(s), so they are displayed as results of browsing and searching in the assigned channel(s) only.

Accepting hotline format in the Item’s Phone number

Users can select between standard phone number and hotline fields in the item details to accept hotline formats. No extra validations on the hotline field other than accepting numeric values only.

Fixed Quick Replies (FQR)

Now, chatbot designers can create fixed menu items that will be displayed consistently during conversations. It could be considered as outlets or shortcuts to specific business flow starting points.

Pagination capability

We added the pagination capability to the existing Browsing / Search Flows, you can now navigate between the results pages and choose whatever item and the bot will respond accordingly.

Multilingual conversation handling

Users may select an old carousel card with a different language from the ongoing conversation language. The system has been updated to handle such cases, ensuring a seamless experience even when users interact with content in a different language from their current conversation.

Creating transactions from the unified inbox

Agents are now able to create transactions from within the unified inbox.

Default intents adaptation to French

Bot can recognize default intents in the French language. However, it is yet to be validated by a language expert or a client.