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When you try to connect Facebook Messenger to your profile, it does not succeed or shows an error in the last step.


If the Facebook page does not connect successfully, this might be because you’re not an admin on the Facebook page, or it is already linked to another application.


First step, make sure you’re using a Facebook account that has full access to the page. Then, make sure that no other applications are connected to your Facebook page.

To check the currently connected Apps:

  • Login to your Facebook Page, then navigate to Settings.
  • Go to New Page Experience, then click on Advanced Messaging.
  • Notice the Connected Apps section, if you find any apps, remove them.

Then, follow the next steps to double-check completely removing the associated application(s):

  • Login with your personal account, then navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Business Integrations, if you find any apps in the Active tab, remove them before trying to connect to Tactful.

Finally, try again to connect your Messenger channel from the Tactful dashboard.

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