How to add FAQs and informative answers

How to add FAQs and informative answers

Learn how to use the Content Center to add/edit FAQs
Last Updated May 17, 2022
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Frequently asked questions, or FAQs, are a great way to optimize the user experience and increase conversions from your site. They also represent another way to reach out and connect with your target audience.

Let’s see how you can add FAQs to your Tactful dashboard using content center.

Navigate to FAQ setup page

  • Select your workspace if you have more than one.
  • On the left menu, click on Content center.
  • Then click on FAQ.
Tactful dashboard FAQ page

Create a new FAQ

  • On the FAQ page, click the Add new FAQ button.
  • On the Add new FAQ page, enter a relevant Title.
  • Select a language from the Language drop down list.
  • Then in the Answers section, write a quick, to the point, and easy answer to your question. This answer will be provided by your chatbot when customers ask about your products/services.

ℹ️ FAQs must be linked to an AI “intent” so that the chatbot can answer customers’ questions. Check how to train your chatbot article to achieve this.

Edit an existing FAQ

  • On the FAQ page, navigate to the required FAQ, and click the edit icon.
  • You can change the Title, Language, or even enhance your answers to best suit customers’ questions.
  • If your FAQ is already linked to an intent, the intent’s link will be available in the Advanced Options section. You can manage the intent by clicking the arrow next to it.
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