How to filter conversations inside Agent Desktop

How to filter conversations inside Agent Desktop

Browse AI managed and assigned conversations
Last Updated March 10, 2022
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This article shows you how to filter conversation on Tactful’s Agent Desktop, so let’s get started.

Going to Agent Desktop

To go to the Agent Desktop, follow these simple 2-steps:

  • Select your workspace. You’ll be directed to the Dashboard.
  • Then, click on Agent Desktop.

Types of Conversations/Queues 

#1 My Queues 

My queues are all of your conversations with customers, and there are 3 types of them:

• Incoming Conversations
• Live Conversations
• Done Conversations
#2 General Queues

General queues are your fellow agents & bot conversations, and there are 5 types of them:

• Pending/Unassigned
• All Conversations
• Assigned to Agents
• AI Bots
• Unresolved conversations

Incoming Conversations: This’s the default queue where received conversations occur if:

– Your AI couldn’t understand what a customer means.
– Your customers said something specific.
– Your customers chose to talk to an agent from the live chat.

Live Conversations: use it to check the agent’s assigned conversations.
Done Conversations: use it to check the agent’s finished conversations.
Pending/Unassigned: use it to check unanswered customers who requested to talk to an agent.
All Conversations: use it to check all conversations.
Assigned to Agents: use it to check other agents’ assigned conversations.
AI Bots: use it to check the bot’s assigned conversations .
Unresolved conversations: use it to check open and active conversations with agents.

Filtering Conversations

  • Click the down arrow on the left of your screen.
  • Select the queue of the conversation.
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