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Learn how to connect WhatsApp to the Tactful Unified Inbox
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The WhatsApp channel enables you to receive WhatsApp messages through Tactful’s Unified Inbox, allowing you to communicate with customers through WhatsApp in a timely and friendly manner, which ultimately improves customer satisfaction.

ℹ️ You will no longer have the history of your previous messages after activating WhatsApp channel.

ℹ️ the only way to view conversation is through Tactful Unified Inbox only and you will not be able to view it from your mobile device mobile after the connection.

WhatsApp Channel Creation

On the Channels page, click the Connect New Channel button, and choose WhatsApp.

Connecting Meta App

Connecting WhatsApp requires having a Meta app for your business. If you are integrating your Meta app with Tactful for the first time, the Meta integration page will open to help you do this connection. By checking the 2 checkboxes, you confirm that you have all the prerequisites ready for the integration.

Click Next, and enter the App ID & Secret Key of your Meta App. An App ID can be only used once within a single profile. However, you can use it in multiple WhatsApp channels.

WhatsApp Channel Configuration

If you have already integrated your Meta app with Tactful, your Whatsapp Account(s) will be available in the list. Just select the account and the number you want to connect, and give your new channel its name to complete your WhatsApp channel configuration.

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