Managing Team & Roles

Managing Team & Roles

Invite, remove or change roles of your team members from a single dashboard
Last Updated April 27, 2022
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You can invite your team members to join your brand management on Tactful’s platform.

Each team member can have a set of different permissions to perform specific jobs. For example, managing customers’ conversations, managing AI & CMS systems, managing customers’ requests, creating marketing campaigns and analyzing customers’ conversations.

Team & Roles Manager

Breakdown of role’s permission & accessibility

Super AgentSupervisorAdminOwner
Full Access
Invite Users
Agent Desktop
Supervisor Hub
Manage Requests
Content Center
Customer Portal

How to access the Roles dashboard

  1. Select your workspace if you have more than one.
  2. On the left menu, click Configuration.
  3. Then click Manage team.

Inviting a New Team Member

  1. Click the Invite User button. A pop-up window will appear.
  2. Type your team member’s email address.
  3. Type your team member’s full name (optional).
  4. Select the Role of the user (e.g. Manager, Marketer, Customer Support AgentEditor, Analyst, or Operator).
  5. Click the Invite button.

ℹ️ After inviting your team members, your invitations will be emailed to them within 5 mins or less. They might need to check the spam or junk folder if they didn’t receive it in 5 mins.

Inviting New User

Assignment strategies

It can take different shapes and sizes.

For example, you can try the “Round robin” tactic for even load distribution between agents.

Or try the “manual assignment one,” which’s optimized for a sales approach.

How to track the status of each invitation

To find the status of each invitation you sent to your team members, click the Invitations button on the top right corner of the Manage team page.

It’ll direct you to the Manage team > Invitations page.

Then, you can find the status of each invitation under the status column, which can be Pending or Accepted.

Also, you can resend the invitation if it didn’t reach the inbox the first time by clicking on the cycle-shaped icon.

ℹ️ If your team member didn’t receive the invitation email, you can resend it from the invitation page, then click on the resend 🔄 icon.

How to change the role & permissions of any team member

From the “Manage team” dashboard, you can change any team member’s role.

  • Click the horizontal three dots
  • Select the Edit Role button, a pop-up window will appear where you can select the new role.
  • Click the Change Role button.

Removing a member from your team

From the “Manage team” dashboard, you can remove any team member.

  • Click the horizontal three dots
  • Select the Delete User button, a pop-up window will appear to confirm.
  • Click the Delete button.
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