Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

How to start using Tactful UCX
Last Updated November 9, 2021
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👋 Welcome!

Tactful Unified Cognitive Customer Experience is the all-in-one comprehensive platform.

Our platform is accurately tailored for growing enterprises that need scalable and capable modern software to boost customer retention, optimize operations, and maximize sales.

All while having the deepest yet critical insights into their customers’ journey.

Getting Started Checklist

Here is the setup you need to do to deliver a great customer experience to your customers:

  1. Register & create a new workspace for your business 🏁
  2. Update your business info 🔗📖
  3. Invite your team members 🔗📖
  4. Connect your workspace with social media 🔗📖
  5. Connect your workspace & publish the live chat widget on your website 🔗📖
  6. Add your services & products to the content center 🔗📖
  7. Sync your ecommerce store “if you have one” with Tactful using Zapier 🔗📖 (optional)
  8. Setup your in-chat shopping & checkout experince 🔗📖 (optional)
  9. Learn how to create your first campaign over Facebook Messenger 🔗▶
  10. Introduction on how create your first AI Intent to answer FAQs 🔗▶
  11. Learn how to leavrage AI to automate your operations of sales & support 🔗📖
  12. Setup the handover experince between your human agents & your AI Bot 🔗📖

👉 If you need any help and you couldn’t find a solution in our knowledge base 📖

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the live chat inside your dashboard or by email at ✉

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