System Requirements for Agent Desktop

System Requirements for Agent Desktop

The minimum system requirements to support Agent desktop functionality
Last Updated November 7, 2022
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Before using Agent Desktop, we recommend users to check with their system administrators to ensure the following system and browser requirements are available.

Compatible browsers

  • Chrome (Latest version)
  • FireFox (Latest version)
  • Safari (Latest version)

Internet speed

UsageMinimum requirements
Basic text chat2 Mbps download, 1Mbps upload
High traffic multichannel
(Using media like images, videos, attachements, etc.)
4 Mbps download, 2Mbps upload


Try to test your current internet speed. Click Show more info to view the upload speed:

In this example:
Download speed = 26 Mbps
Upload speed = 2.2 Mpbs

Hardware requirements

ComponentMinimum requirements
Processor 1.4 GHz
Memory4 GB RAM

How to find device specifications

  • Click on the Windows Start button, then click on Settings (the gear icon).
  • In the Settings menu, click System > About.
Settings menu
About screen
  • On this screen, you should see specs for your processor, Memory (RAM), and other system info, including Windows version.

How to check PC performance

On the keyboard, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, you will see few options. Select Task Manager, then choose the Performance tab.

Task Manager

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